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How to make jewelry packaging design quickly attract consumers' attention
As far as jewelry packaging is concerned, it should not only protect commodities and convey the image of commodities, but also bear the function of improving the grade and added value of jewelry. In order to quickly attract the attention of consumers, many jewelry merchants continue to explore and work hard on jewelry packaging design. How can we quickly attract the attention of consumers?
First、 Structural design
The most basic thing in jewelry packaging design is to consider its structural design, which is its most basic architecture. In the structural design of jewelry packaging, we need to consider:
(a) The grade positioning of jewelry mainly involves the modeling design and material selection of jewelry packaging. In the jewelry packaging of the same grade, it should be ensured that the selected materials are the most economical and environmentally friendly;

(b) The characteristics and accessories of jewelry mainly involve jewelry packaging design and lining selection;
(c) Meet the basic requirements of packaging;
(d) The corresponding packaging test ensures that the packaging has a certain strength, which is enough to protect the jewelry inside;
(e) Try to use mechanized or semi mechanized production for jewelry packaging.
Second、 Material selection
For jewelry packaging, the most common packaging method is packaging box. Therefore, when selecting materials, attention should be paid to the stiffness of the materials used. Generally, the materials that can be selected include gray board and fiberboard. Due to the difference of each material, the corresponding size and specification will also be different.
Third、 Situational Design
With the increasingly fierce competition in jewelry, the size of jewelry packaging design needs to pay more attention to meet the consumption needs and habits of consumers, and make flexible adjustments according to the use scenarios, which has become a new trend in jewelry packaging design. For jewelry packaging design, we should not only provide diversified packaging schemes with different sizes that are more considered by consumers' use experience, but also put ourselves in the position of consumers to consider the matching degree of packaging size and convenience and comfort of use scene.
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